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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Best Driving Roads, Blog, Featured | 2 comments

My Top 5 Must Drive Roads in Europe

I absolutely love driving and one of my goals is to drive along the best driving roads in Europe and in the flashiest sports car I can afford. I’ve always wanted to drive a Honda S2000, a black one to be specific, so that’s the first on the list.

Black S2000


Would love nothing more than blasting around the Nürburgring or down through the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland to Glencoe (hopefully with a nice brunette girl in the passenger seat! :-)).

Back to reality for now…here are my top 5 must do drives in Europe; starting with the only one I have done.


Cairngorms National Park to Glencoe, Scotland

I have driven this road in one of the Seat’s cars, the one that is basically a VW Golf, and it was definitely exhilarating, you can really tackle the roads and there is stunning scenery to see. There is a mixture of long slightly bumpy roads with long bends, hill climbs with beautiful descents where suddenly a distant Glencoe mountain will appear. When you get alongside Glencoe there is a massive long hill descent (if you are coming from the North) where the speed can quickly pick up but can be quite treacherous so do be careful. I definitely want to do this one again when I have a sportier car to drive.

To get there you want to head down the A9 and then the A86 exit towards the A82.


Nürburgring, Germany

Every car fan wants to drive round the famous Nürburgring. Test your car around the thirteen mile ring road and you’ll see exactly how your car will perform in pretty much every road type you are likely to meet. The Nürburgring has everything; long high-speed straights, slow tight twists, downhill and steep uphill sections, huge cambers and then blind bends too, it’s a great combination of track and road conditions to offer you a great driving challenge with no speed limit in place, although it can get busy with a huge variety of cars bikes and even buses making a race a unique one. There is also a potentially costly repair bill since your insurance isn’t going to cover it but hey you only live once.

Red car driving around the Nürburgring


Coach driving around the Nürburgring

As at January 2013 it is 26 Euros for 1 lap, 9 laps will cost 202 Euros. The circuit is located 45 miles south of Cologne and can be driven to from the UK, from London it’d be around 7 hours with a couple of short breaks.


Trollstigen — Norway

A very popular tourist attraction, Trollstigen is home to a massive mountain range, three of which are Bispen (the Bishop), Dronningen (the Queen) and Kongen (yep the King) showing off their grandness and size. If you make it to the top you will rewarded with a spectacular view of the fantastic turns and bends you have navigated on the way up plus there is the Stigfossen waterfall.

See Nirvana take on the Trollstigen in a silver Ferrari

The Black Forest, Germany

Back to Germany for another road I must drive, The Black Forest. More specifically Route 500; it is said to be an amazing stretch of road that runs from Knibes through to Baden-Baden (west if Stuttgart). Initially it is fast sweeping turns before you head down into the forest for some amazing views and with plenty of places to pull in and soak up the scenery and take some snaps.

Baden-Baden Black Forest

The reason I chose this one was for the final section that takes you into the Spa town of Baden-Baden. Here there are tight roads with many hairpin turns and barriers which is said to give the feeling of a race track more than a public road.


Davos to Stelvio Pass, Italy

The piece de résistance, the number 1 must drive road in Europe, was billed by the biggest and best car entertainment programme on the planet as “the best driver’s road in the world”. If it’s a top choice for Jeremy its one I’ll definitely have to do and from the video below it looks stunning with its smooth roads, tight left and right hairpins featuring both on and off camber that snake down the mountain side with great straight sections giving you a chance to take in the panoramic views.

 Stelvio Pass Roads in Italy

As you can see from the video, this is a driver for competent drivers since you have narrow roads with rock faces on one side and sheer drops on the other plus oncoming traffic that can come round the blind bends. Sounds like driving heaven to me.

The Top Gear boys discover what they say is “the best drivers road in the world”


Photo Credits: 1. Black S2000 2. Nürburgring pictures 3. Black Forest in White 4. Looking down Stelvio Pass

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  1. Drove that road through the Black Forest… it was harrowing!!!

  2. Looks fun!…very jealous Alena!!

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