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My Favourite Blogs and Sites


Favourite Travel Blogs

  • A Little Adrift – Interested in local cuisine, long-term travel advice or photography? Follow Shannon’s adventures to get that inspiration to travel.
  • Am I Nearly There Yet? - Eloise and Stu’s humourous photography and travel inspirational blog.
  • Dangerous Business - Follow adventurous Amanda as she shares her beautifully written posts and stunning imagery
  • Everything-Everywhere - The infamous Gary Arndt’s travel adventures from around the globe. Going since 2007.
  • Justin Was Here - Interesting to read Justin’s Australia and NZ adventures.
  • Man Vs Clock - Follow Anthony’s inspirational travel blog – Writes very engaging posts. I read them from start to finish.
  • Man versus World - Simon survived Europe in the middle of it’s recession, read about his travels in those tough times and his treks across Asia as well as read his take on Australia.
  • Migrationology - Check out Mark’s site for his excellent Bangkok travel guide and his 100′s of interesting Thai foodie posts.
  • Nomadic Samuel - The infamous Nomadic Samuel provides excellent travel guides for across Asia, travel tales and cool videos.
  • Pommie Travels – Follow fellow Brit Victoria’s well written world travel blog. Fascinating posts with very useful advice.
  • Runaway Guide. Leif has been travelling around for 8 years. Determined to make the most of his life and see as much of the world as possible, read about his amazing experiences covering 50+ countries. Only 24 but very insightful.
  • Smiling Faces Travel Photos - Photos from around the world of happy smiley people. Refreshing take for a travel blog!
  • Travel Notes - Photo travel journals from different parts of the globe. Particularly enjoyed Manoy’s New Zealand posts.
  • Travels of Adam - Adam shares quirky and interesting stories for his extensive travels across the Middle East, Asia and also Australia too. Currently in Berlin, keep up to date as he explores more of Europe.
  • Travelling King  - Sam & Pete have travelled Australia extensively. A great resource for different places to visit such as Mount Bueller in Victoria and of the beat track spots in the Gold Coast.
  • Wandering Earl – 87 countries over 13 years, Earl has many adventures to share which are a joy to read. Plus great tips on how to earn money while travelling around, perfect for when I go to Asia and India.

Inspirational Blogs

  • Family on Bikes – Follow the very inspirational Vogel family who have cycled 9,000 miles together. Nancy’s post have really helped me think about what I want from life, encouraged me to follow my passion and I am a much happier person for it!

Favourite Hostels

It’s always good to research and read reviews to find suitable hostels. Here are hostels I really enjoyed staying at to help make that decision a little easier.

  • Emperors Crown - My favourite of the three hostels I stayed in, in Perth. Clean, very friendly staff, good facilities and from the several months that I stayed there seemed to attract a much more international crowd.
  • Western Beach Lodge – Chilled backpacker hostel I stayed in Scarborough (just outside Perth). One of the few good hostels in the Perth area!
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