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Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Australia, Featured, Travel Tips | 0 comments

Woolworths Mobile Deal – 5GB Data, $500 Calls & Texts Value for $29


I wish I had heard of this Woolworths mobile deal before now or had shopped around more than just checking the deals at the main carriers. Just like back in the UK, supermarkets here have started to run their own mobile company using one of the big networks.

You can quickly spend a lot of money on internet to stay in touch when you’re staying in hostels. In the last 4 months I could have save around AU$300. So I hope this travel tip will help others.

My cousin was with Vodafone so I started out with them; I then switched to Telstra before I left the city to work on a farm since I struggled to get a signal with my first job in Colac (west of Geelong, SW of Melbourne) when other people had no problem getting a signal with Telstra (they reach 99%+ of the population).

Now I’ve switched to Woolworths Mobile to benefit from their generous 5GB of internet allowance and a 45 day expiry period (over the normal 30 days). Although only meant for mobile use I have it working with my netbook.

It states in Woolworths terms and conditions that USB tethering isn’t allowed however Wi-Fi hotspot mode is still available on my android phone. Coverage with Optus is around 97% of the population.

Summary of the Woolworths Mobile Deal

      • $29 with 45 day expiry
      • $250 of value to other Woolworths or Optus users (plays a handy special tone to let you know when you are calling someone on the same network)
      • $250 to any network (excluding Pivotel)
      • 89¢ per min, 29¢ per text message
      • 5GB data
      • Plus get 10% off when you recharge with a registered Woolworths Everyday Rewards Card.
      • There is also a $49 option which gives you double minutes, 500 minutes to anyone on the Optus network and $500 to those on any other network (excluding Pivotel) but the same 5GB of data.

Woolworths Mobile Deal -  Prepaid Cap - $29 5GB

I’m really happy with the connection quality and speed especially compared to my dedicated Telstra Mobile Broadband dongle which I paid $59 for and it came with just 2GB, then an additional charge of $180 for 12GB. It was surprisingly more difficult to get a connection working with it. The Woolworths Mobile deal can be found here –

Compared to Telstra

$30 recharge on the Pre-Paid Cap Encore tariff gives you $250 credit; $220 Cap Credit and the $30 recharge. Calls and SMS rates are the same as Woolworths Mobile, 89¢ per min, 29¢ per text message.

      • 400MB of data.
      • You can use the $30 for more data – $20 will give you another 700MB, $10 200MB or carry over the $10 recharge credit and use it when you recharge before expiry.
      • Free calls and texts from 6pm to 6am (however I guess for most backpackers the original amount is enough)

In summary less credit, 4 times less data and it comes with only 30 days credit period. Telstra mobile in my opinion is only worth it if you can’t get a signal with Optus.

If you want to transfer a number it’s really easy here, in store or online it’s all done in 30mins, quicker than at home.

*Disclaimer – offer and call rates are correct as at posting date of 3rd April 2013. Please contact me if you notice any incorrect or out of date information.

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